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When charged with a crime, you face the possibility of paying excessive fines and court costs. Worse yet, you face the terrible possibility of going to jail. The biggest mistake a person can make is representing themselves or hiring the wrong attorney.

A good criminal defense attorney should not only assist you through the criminal process, but also help you understand the process. He should be available to respond to your questions in a timely manner and reassure you that he is doing everything to defend your interests.

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A good criminal defense attorney knows the rules of evidence, the rules of criminal procedure, local rules, and local customs. He should attempt to negotiate with prosecutors for a dismissal or reduction of the charge against you. A good criminal defense attorney will preserve your constitutional right to a fair trial. If necessary, he will prepare, present, and argue your defenses at a trial and in the worst case minimize your penalty should your case go to sentencing.

Attorney Manuel R. Galang has been practicing criminal law in Wisconsin since 1990. He has handled hundreds of cases in Wisconsin. Many of these criminal cases resulted in reduced charges, dismissed charges, or acquittal after jury trial. His knowledge of the rules of evidence and criminal procedure, local rules and customs, as well as his experience, will give you the peace of mind knowing the right attorney represents you.

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